As a songwriter, I can easily search up the melodies I write so that I can make sure my compositions are original.

As a music teacher, I can have my students practice writing their favorite songs in sheet music form so that they get comfortable with musical notation.

As an avid but untrained music listener, I can look up melodies stuck in my head so that I can get rid of pesky earworms.

As an album cover artist, I can search up my rough drafts to make sure my ideas are novel.

As a producer, I can look up samples I found especially creative so that I can use them as inspiration.

As a musician preparing for orchestral auditions, I can look up recordings of the provided excerpts so that I know how to best approach the pieces.

As a music curator, I can contribute to the music database so that more people can find music which would otherwise go unappreciated.

As a jazz / classical listener, I can filter out the most well-known recordings of popular pieces so that I can learn about lesser-known takes on the music.

As a vinyl collector, I can look up where to buy my favorite albums so that I can keep growing my physical collection while supporting local businesses.

As a music listener, I can connect to other users with similar tastes so that I can share my musical interests / passions with them.

As a concertgoer, I can look up nearby concerts featuring artists in my favorite genres so that I can explore my local music scene more deeply.

As a music video director, I can generate videos based on the song I’m working on so that I can visualize my concepts before filming.

As a freelance DJ, I can search for appropriate songs by demographic so that I know what to play at every gig.

As someone studying music theory, I can look for breakdowns of different melodies and chord progressions to better familiarize myself with the concepts used in my favorite songs.

As a percussionist, I can track the changes in tempo and time signature across a song so that I can practice the music more effectively.

As a lesser-known musician, I can periodically check if my melodies have been used by more popular artists so that I can protect my intellectual property.

As a songwriter, I can analyze the content of my lyrics so that I can predict how they will be interpreted by the general public.